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Welcome to THE GROWTHville Institute, a department of THE Leaders Innovative Growth Solutions. Please visit our site for more information: https://theligsllc.com.

What is included in your membership package? I am so glad you asked. YOU GET…

ELECTRONIC LIBRARY: Filled with electronic version of each course, e-books and audio books.... workbooks... pamphlets... training guides and more...


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o Career Development (available courses: 15)

o Administrative Skills (available courses: 11)

o Human Resources (available courses: 20)

o Leadership (available courses: 9)

o Microsoft (available courses: 7)

o Personal Development (available courses: 21)

o Sales and Marketing (available courses: 23)

o Supervisor and Management (available courses: 13)

o Workplace Essentials (available courses: 17)

- LIFETIME Access for you as a PAID member (requires on time monthly payments)
- Certificate of Completions
- Continuous Education Credits (determined by certification vendor)

- We are YOUnique
- We care about you.
- We provide Live Sessions monthly ($1000 value per month)
- We listen to your feedback and needs
- We have Q&A Sections to interact with members and staff
- We include mentorship and coaching session ($500 value per session)
- You have access to HUMANs (priceless)
- We put the HUMAN in eLearning
- Offer discounts on live events and workshops

For less than $.16 per course each month (not even a penny per day)…

FREE... Win FREE MONTHLY subscriptions.... YES!!! FREE!!! You can earn points by completing courses to use as money.

- Where else can you get training for that?
- That is cheaper than buying soda every day.
- You cannot put too much $$$ towards valuable training

  • Download the "Talent LMS" app in your app store.
  • Enter Domain "growthville"
  • Enjoy your course and webinars



We donate to nonprofit to grow others...

DONATIONS: 10% of proceeds is donated to Boss'd UP LeadHERz, Inc. whose mission is to eliminate stereotypes for women and girls in the workplace, schools, and communities. Provide a sanctuary for women and girls to produce intentional growth, success, and significance. Generate essential resources to elevate women and girls to an entrepreneurial mindset and executive leadership.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BOSS'D UP LEADHERZ,INC. HERE https://bossdupleadherz.org